Tussen Ons
(Between Us)

PuntWG, Amsterdam (NL)
08.11.2014 — 09.11.2014

East and west, home and new home, memories and reality, native language and foreign language, me and the others. All the elements are seeking for connection and balance, which is not always possible to reach because of contradictive nature of these elements. ‘Between us’ is a subjective narrative about this balance-searching process, which is based on texts, prints and photographs from the personal archives. I examine the core of the memory and oblivion, along with the transformation of national identity.

Having been living in-between Russia and the Netherlands for about 7 years, I still try to get used to the countries’ cultural and social differences. Therefore I constantly seek for balance in these realities, simultaneously, searching for balance within myself. Being now at the stage of getting my Dutch passport I feel an urge to look back to the place where I am coming from to understand better where I am now and where I belong.


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