is calling

Art-book presentation Corridor Project space, Amsterdam (NL)
05.09.2018 — 15.09.2018

MOTHERLAND IS CALLING is the name of an artistic research-based project by Olga Ganzha. The title comes from the name of the statue in Volgograd city (formerly Stalingrad) in Russia. The ‘Motherland is calling’ statue is a part of a monumental ensemble commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad that was built in 1967. It is a gigantic woman – motherland – with a mouth wide open, calling her children to war, holding her sword high up. The whole territory around the sculpture is a monumental ensemble and a burial place for about 45.000 Soviet soldiers.

This place has a saint horror atmosphere and is perceived as being sacred in Russian ideology. The same way it is presented in many related texts, songs, and films. The feeling of this saint horror [in front of the sculpture, in front of the motherland, in front of the mother, in front of war-related objects, in front of the ‘war’] was cultivated from childhood and is forming a part of Soviet identity. The project evaluates this saint horror and brings attention to the questions of memory, identity, mother figure in hands of propaganda, female role in war cults... and motherland.

In Corridor PS presentation of the first phase of the research took place in the form of an art-book, an installation, series of prints based on this art-book and a public program.

Public program is curated by Katia Krupennikova.


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