2015 — 2016

INSIDEOUT is a series of 8 tours that are focused on private observations and personal stories of Moscow’s citizens united under the theme of ‘the East’ and ‘the West.’ Every day from 23rd till the 30th of September a new protagonist welcomes us for in his apartment or other place selected by him.

In 1986 Jan Hoet created his iconic project Chambres d’amis, during which citizens of Ghent allowed their apartments entirely or partly to be transformed into pieces of art. Inspired by the idea of slipping out of borders of an exhibition format we would like to work with citizens of Moscow that will touch upon topics of urbanism, linguistics, politics, media, spirituality.

INSIDEOUT combines insider and outsider glimpse on Russia’s capital, proposes to explore a way of looking behind the curtain of mass media representations and clichés. It speaks back to Russia’s geopolitical contradictions and urges to open a discussion about its relation towards the East and the West. INSIDEOUT is an experiment that aims to open up a dialogue about possibilities of interaction with an everyday environment. Project’s main goal is to study personal stories and spaces as pieces of art in themselves. It involves anthropological, psychological, ethnological and sociological levels.

INSIDEOUT is a collaborative project of the No Land’s Men foundation (curator Katia Krupennikova, artists Olga Ganzha and masharu). Created and first presented during the 6th Moscow biennial of contemporary art.

First set in Moscow as a part of the special program of the 6th Moscow Biennale for contemporary art, INSIDEOUT presented 8 days of public meetings in apartments of Moscow citizens, not connected to contemporary art scene, but whose professional or personal interests embrace the relation between the ‘East’ and the ‘West’. For Russians, whose country’s territory is shared between Europe and Asia, and whose culture and direction politics has been swinging through its complex history, it is difficult culturally and historically to relate to either ‘East’ or’ ‘West’. Through the meetings the artists were trying to research this phenomena from various perspectives (politics, language, everyday life, music, geopolitics, culture, traditions).

All the 8 days of the project were video-documented and edited into a film, that was premiered at the first day of symposium.

As the second step of the project the artists look at the researched topics from Dutch perspective. How is national identity formed and how the notions of ‘east’ and 'west’ affect it? How does colonial past/postcolonial history changes national identity? How is visual culture affected by politics of division?

At that stage of the project resulted in a symposium program, an exhibition and a series of screenings of the INSIDEOUT film in The Netherlands.

INSIDEOUT is made possible with support of AFK, Stichting Stokroos, Stiching Strand Links, Stichting Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow and Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.


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